What is Defold?

Defold is both a cross-platform game creation tool and a cross-platform game engine. You can work with Defold on Windows, Mac, and Linux, and publish to Windows, Mac, Linux, HTML5, iOS, and Android. Defold enables quick collaboration between artists and coders in small to large teams. Defold is made to be fast, light weight, and stable. Defold has many features built in which will enable you to build high quality games quickly without needing to worry about engine stability or platform support. Defold has an active community, and a team of committed developers who want it to be the best technology it can be. Who want to help you to make the best games possible. Defold is completely free to use. There is no price to pay, no subscription, and no royalty. With Defold, you can get started learning how to make games, and make professional quality games that are played by millions of people world wide.

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